Food Guidelines

Food booth regulations

  1. All food - except packaged, wrapped or bottled foods - must be protected at all times from customer contamination, flies, dust and dirt. Demonstrators, when offering food to customers, shall at all times remain within the confines of the exhibit booth. Offering food from an unprotected tray or plate will not be tolerated.
  2. Food in the process of being heated, chilled, compounded or displayed must be protected at all times from customer contamination, flies, dust, dirt, etc., by panels of glass, plastic or other material acceptable to the Health Officer.
  3. Food for sampling by customers shall not be offered from a common bowl, container or tray where the customer's hands could come in contact with the food on display.
  4. Foods that are offered hot, and which are capable of supporting the growth of bacterial organisms, shall be maintained at a temperature of 140 degrees Fahrenheit or greater at all times. Food that are offered cold, and which in the opinion of the Health Officer, are capable of supporting the growth of pathogenic organisms shall be maintained at a temperature of 45 degrees Fahrenheit or lower at all times.
  5. All implements, tools, and equipment must be National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) approved, kept in a clean and sanitary condition, and in good repair at all times.
  6. Tongs, spatulas or other suitable implements shall be used by the food demonstrator when handling foods. Hand contact with the food should be kept to the absolute minimum.
  7. No exhibit of unpackaged or unprotected food shall be exposed or left unattended at any time. No food or food product shall be stored six inches of the floor. Racks, shelves or palettes shall be supplied when needed.
  8. Containers equipped with tight-fitting lids or covers shall be provided for refuse, and exhibits shall be kept clean and sanitary. Where tanks, icers or other apparatus are used, adequate and sanitary drainage facilities must be provided.
  9. All food handlers shall wear clean, washable garments - (preferably short-sleeved) and head-bands, hair nets or caps that confine the hair. Hands of operators shall be free of cuts, sores, and bandages and shall be kept clean at all times.
  10. No food handler suffering from a communicable disease shall be permitted to prepare or handle food. While engaged in the handling of food, operators shall not smoke or use tobacco in any form.
  11. All food court vendors must prepare sneeze guards for food to be protected from customer contamination.
  12. Please note: Food stands (outside of the building) must be protected from dust contamination on 4 sides and top. A service opening of no more than 216 square inches (12"x18") is allowed.
  13. If vendors are cooking in the outside booth, vendors need to pave a plastic sheet on the ground and a carpet above the plastic sheet under the booth table.
  14. All vendors wishing to sell and/or sample food and/or beverage products at Fairplex must provide original certificates of insurance (Product Liability of $1,000,000.00) to Fairplex. Furthermore, they must comply with Fairplex food and beverage guidelines as well as all Health Department regulations. It is the responsibility of the Asian American Expo to see to it that all insurance and health department requirements are met.
  15. Open flame cooking equipment and utensils are prohibited within the show halls. The Asian American Expo will provide special cooking canopies for food vendors who need to prepare hot foods. The specifications and cost are;
    • one tent and two stands
    • Stand size; 2ft*8ft
    • Table cost: $100/stand
  16. All vendors who sell food on their booths must have the items (or similar items) in the picture below in their booths to ensure to provide a clean environment to your customer.
    • Covered thermal insulated container with a spout that stays on
    • Clean, warm water in the thermal insulated container for hand wash
    • 5-gallon bucket to catch wastewater from hand wash
    • 5-gallon bucketClick for Amazon Link

    • 5-gallon bucket and Covered thermal insulated container hand wash stationEntire Set
  17. Vendors can provide and sell all food and beverage products at the event. In addition, Asian American Expo vendors may only sell non-alcoholic beverages, specifically Sparkletts water, and Coca-Cola products. Coca-Cola brands (including Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Powerade, Full Throttle, etc.) and Dasani water are the exclusive products of Fairplex. No competing brands may be served or marketed on Fairplex property. Furthermore, no other entity may sell, sample or give away any alcoholic beverage. Please see picture below;























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