大胃王比赛申请表Eating Contest Registration Form

谁是大胃王? 你做大胃王,饭钱我买单

五分钟吃完特大盘阿舍乾面、一口气吞下亚米网爆款铜锣烧、和吃货好友一起默契合作横扫小王爷包子铺热腾腾的的大包子,最後还能海量灌下OB Beer提供的爽口啤酒!如果以上的挑战对於自诩吃货的你来说根本就是小菜一碟,那今年由华人工商大展热辣举办的大胃王比赛终於给了你一个让所有人顶礼膜拜的机会!如果你有信心赢得大胃王的称号,就赶快带着兴奋的肚子来参加比赛吧!有美食大快朵颐,还有机会获得大奖,心动不如行动!我们在展会等你!


今年的比赛为了适应不同爱好的人群,我们将举办四轮美食大PK,每轮比赛我们都会决胜出排名并颁奖。第一名除了可将相关美食大礼包括好吃地道的阿舍食堂精美礼盒带回家,还有数量可观的代金券现场分发。没有获胜的参赛者,不仅可免费进入华人工商大展体验将近一百九十种着名美食, 还能获得我们精心准备的众多小礼品,机会多多,保证让各位吃货们满载而归!

  • 比赛规则概述:
  • 第一轮 -- 比赛挑战超大盘香辣阿舍乾面,限时5分钟,率先吃完者获胜。
  • 第二轮 – 比赛挑战一口吞亚米网铜锣烧,限时5分钟,一口气吃完最多数量者获胜。
  • 第三轮 – 啤酒爱好者的福利来了!我们将进行激烈的OB Beer啤酒比赛: 我们将准备大杯OB Beer啤酒给参赛者,率先喝完者获胜。(参赛者必须年满21周岁以上)
  • 第四轮 – 小王爷包子铺双人合作赛,一人喂一人吃的比赛方式,限时8分钟,率先吃完者胜。

Participant Waiver & Release of Liability

  1. I am at least 18 years of age.
  2. I understand that my safety is my responsibility.
  3. I understand and agree that the loss, theft, or destruction of my belongings is my sole responsibility.
  4. I fully understand and accept, without limitation, sole responsibility for all of the risks associated with my participation during the eating competition, including injury and death whether through my own actions or those of other participants, restaurant patrons, acts of nature or any other external parties.
  5. I understand and agree that the safety and well-being of minors under the age of 18 accompanying myself are my sole responsibility.
  6. I agree to disclose any and all food allergies, dietary restrictions, and medical health concerns of myself to Asian American Expo via email or in person prior to eating competition commencement. I will not consume food to which I am allergic.
  7. I understand that I will be consuming food and beverages in this eating competition and I accept sole responsibility for all risks associated with my participation including food sickness, allergic reaction, and death. I am free to choose which foods, if any, I consume.
  8. If during the eating competition I begin to feel faint or nauseous, I will notify the staff and seek medical attention if necessary. I understand that my safety is my sole responsibility. I understand during the eating competition I may become sick, injured or harmed. I assume sole responsibility for this risk and release Asian American Expo from all liability or damages resulting from my participation.
  9. I understand agree that Asian American Expo reserves the right to disqualify anyone at any time during the eating competition if he or she feels the participant is incapable and/or if a participant’s continued action/behavior will jeopardize the individual involved or the group.
  10. I waive liability and release Asian American Expo, its affiliates, owners, vendors, operators, agents and employees from any and all actions, suits, claims, controversies, damages, judgments and executions whatsoever, in law or in equity, direct or indirect, known or unknown, foreseeable or unforeseeable, which I may have or acquire, arising from, concerning or related to entry in participation in Asian American Expo eating competition.
  11. I agree that Asian American Expo is not liable for delay or cancellation resulting from acts of participants, agents, employees, acts of God, public enemy, or the United States; or fire, natural disaster, strikes, or civil disturbance.
  12. I agree to grant to Asian American Expo an irrevocable, sub-licensable, non-exclusive, perpetual, royalty-free right to use my name, photographic, video and digital likeness as well as any content submitted via website(s) or electronic mail, solely for our promotional and/or commercial purposes without further obligation or compensation.
  13. This Participant Waiver & Release of Liability and subsequent Terms & Conditions shall be construed in accordance with, and its validity and effect (including any claims for breach of any of the terms thereof) shall be governed by the laws of the State of California, and this Participant Waiver and Release of Liability and subsequent Terms and Conditions contains the entire understanding and the agreement of the parties hereto and supersedes all other written and oral exchanges, arrangements or negotiations among them, whether written or oral, concerning the subject matter hereof.
  14. Any dispute related in any way to your use of company website and participation in the eating competition of Asian American Expo shall be submitted to confidential arbitration in Pomona, California and governed by the laws in the State of California. Arbitration under this agreement shall be conducted under the rules then prevailing of the American Arbitration Association. The arbitrator’s award shall be binding and may be entered as a judgment in any court of competent jurisdiction.
  15. I do hereby release and agree to hold harmless Asian American Expo, its affiliates, owners, vendors, operators, agents and employees from any and all liability associated with the above representations and agreements. In addition, participation in this eating competition is at my sole risk, and I agree to release, discharge, defend and indemnify against, any and all liability, whether caused by willful or negligent conduct, Asian American Expo, its affiliates, owners, operators, agents, and employees from any claims, actions and liabilities for injury (including death), illness and property losses, theft or damages to myself and those participating in the eating competition with me. This release shall extend to and include any person/entity acting through or on my behalf.